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Australian Construction – Ibrahim Asssoud

Explore the world of buildings and architecture in Australia with the renowned builder Ibrahim Assoud. Find out about the exceptional quality and the broad variety of our construction services across the country of Australia.  

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stellox 21 – 00014 de SX filtro de combustible: Coche y moto. Altura [mm]: 140 。 Altura 1 [mm]: 89 。 Diámetro 2 [mm]: 8 。 Diámetro 3 [mm]: 8 。 Diámetro exterior [mm]: 55 。 Tipo de filtro: Filtro de tubería 。 Esta pieza es compatible con los siguientes modelos:。Seat Ibiza II Fastback 1.4 i (1993 - 1999) 44kW。 Opel Astra F Classic Fastback 1.6 i 16V (1998 - 2002) 74kW。 Opel Astra F Classic Sedán 1.6 i 16V (1998 - 2002) 74kW。 Seat Ibiza II Fastback 1.4 i 16V (1993 - 1999) 74kW。 Opel Astra F Classic Fastback 1.6 i (1998 - 2002) 55kW。 Peugeot 106 I Fastback 1.1 (1991 - 1996) 44kW。 Opel Frontera A Sport VUD 2.0 i (1992 - 1998) 85kW。 Opel Corsa A Fastback 1.0 (1982 - 1993) 33kW。 Opel Astra F Classic Sedán 1.6 i (1998 - 2002) 55kW。 Seat Ibiza II Fastback 1.6 i (1993 - 1999) 55kW。Esta lista es un ejemplo de todos los vehículos compatibles con esta pieza.。 Asegúrese de comprobar si este producto es válido para su vehículo usando el Buscador de Piezas en la parte superior.。Referencias de piezas equivalentes:。VAG 6N0201511A; CHEVROLET 93 240 112; CHEVROLET 25 126 130; CHEVROLET 82505 53640; VAG 6U0201511D; VAG 004312114; CHEVROLET 9324011230; CHEVROLET 25 121 113; DAEWOO 96182006; VAG 441043681106; CHEVROLET 25 055 364; CHEVROLET 25 121 974; CHEVROLET 96182006; SAAB 8376097; SAAB 8318429; SAAB 8318420; SAAB 831842; SAAB 831842; SAAB 8318420; SCANIA 831842; SAAB 837609; SCANIA 8318420; ROVER CAC 2264; TALBOT 95 470 530; VAUXHALL 818501; VAUXHALL VFF516; VAUXHALL 0818 513 S1; VAUXHALL 818513; VAUXHALL 818512; VAUXHALL VFF635; VAUXHALL VFF618; VAUXHALL 25164435; VW 004312115; VW 6U0 201 511 D; VW 6N0201511; VW 477133511; VW 6VO201511D; VW 6N0201211; VW 6NO 201 511 A; VW 6N0201511A; VW 4312114; VW 441043121196; VW 004312114; VW 6U0201511; VW 441043681106; INTERNATIONAL FGI0168; HOLDEN 92 121 113; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 91470530080; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 818500; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 91470530; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 95470530; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 91470530; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 96131549; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 90169150; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 5470530; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 818501; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 156728; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 96 130 208; HOLDEN 92019306; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 818513; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 156779; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 156786; HOLDEN 25121113; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 25121113; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 25161249; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 818541; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 25121974; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 7787063; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 156779; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 156728; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 60534120; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 5984093; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 156786; HOLDEN 82 505 536 40; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 95479530; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 9131549; HOLDEN 25 170 650; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 818502; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 95470530; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 818512; HOLDEN 25 161 249; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 96131549; CITROËN/PEUGEOT 5470530; FIAT 7680997; FIAT 7612972; FIAT 4435144; FIAT 7612972; FIAT 0060534120; FIAT 5984093; FIAT 60800097; FIAT 5984093; FIAT 60534120; FIAT 82342304; FIAT 7680997; FIAT 5987203; FIAT 7567464; FIAT 119113204500; FIAT 71736102; FIAT 82353964; FIAT 60523431; FIAT 6053412; FIAT 4435144; FIAT 82353694; FIAT 8318420; FIAT 450905280; MERCEDES-BENZ 0000156779; BMW 13 32 1 270 038 S1; BMW 13311256492; ALFA ROMEO 119113204500; BMW 13 32 1 256 492 S1; ALFA ROMEO 0060534120; ALFA ROMEO 162240406100; ALFA ROMEO 71736102; ALFA ROMEO 6126291; ALFA ROMEO 60534120; BMW 13711256492; ALFA ROMEO 0060534120; ALFA ROMEO 82342304; ALFA ROMEO 162240406100; ALFA ROMEO 60534120; BMW 13321256492; ALFA ROMEO 119113204500; ALFA ROMEO 7612972; ALFA ROMEO 5984093; ALFA ROMEO 119113206101; ALFA ROMEO 7787063; ALFA ROMEO 4435144; ALFA ROMEO 6053412; ALFA ROMEO 7680997; BMW 1256425; DAIHATSU 2330087402LOC; CHRYSLER 91470530; KOMATSU 8250553640; CATERPILLAR 430984; GEELY 1016003280; CUMMINS 3826094; GENERAL MOTORS 25164435; GENERAL MOTORS 25055626; GENERAL MOTORS 90169150; GENERAL MOTORS 25121113; GENERAL MOTORS 818512; GENERAL MOTORS 25164438; GENERAL MOTORS 818501; GENERAL MOTORS 25121778; GENERAL MOTORS 25055360; GENERAL MOTORS 25126130; GENERAL MOTORS 25121785; GENERAL MOTORS 25055364; GENERAL MOTORS 25121974; GENERAL MOTORS 25121307; GENERAL MOTORS 25176301; GENERAL MOTORS 25161249; GENERAL MOT 。 。 。

stellox 21   00014 de SX filtro de combustible

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stellox 21/  / 00014/ de SX filtro de combustible

Building Repairs

A building not properly maintained and repaired is bound to fall apart sooner than expected. We are at service to fix up any issue that shows up with your building. Our experienced team will take of any new or lingering problem and help you stay safe from any impending property crisis.


Destruction and demolition of buildings is also one of our specialist services. If you need any property – in full or in part – to be brought down for legal or reconstruction purposes, we are here to help you out.


The foundation is the most important part of a building – be it in Australia or anywhere else of the world. A foundation determines how sturdy and lasting the building will be against the passage of time and any natural disaster. We lay down the strongest foundation for buildings in Australia for architecture that can safely stand for decades.

Painting & Exterior

Once a house is built, there still remains adorning and embellishing it. The painting and accessorizing of the façade is one of the most important jobs of construction. We offer you our extensive catalogue to choose your favourite shades and designs for the exterior of your building that we execute to perfection.

Site Management

As a leading builder and constructor in Australia, end-to-end site management falls under the umbrella of services we provide. From material and labour management to quality control and safety checks, we conduct it all as per your convenience


Eco Friendly Construction

Sustainable and environment-friendly constructions are the future of architecture. Green roofs in Australian homes is a common occurrence now, which supports home-grown vegetation as well as improves the thermal performance of the house. Australian homes are also being built as susceptible to bushfires, which is a common natural disaster that risks almost every settlement area in the country. Ibrahim Assoud has brought similar transformations in our building and construction procedures as well.

stellox 21   00014 de SX filtro de combustible

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The Newest Technology Repairs

Architecture in Australia is currently a delightful combination of western models and a multicultural identity. Evolving circumstances such as climate change and contemporary standards of living are taken into consideration as well. They have contributed towards the changing aesthetics and build of Australian homes and offices. Ibrahim Assoud documents the transforming nature of Australian buildings and how they differ from one another in different cities. We have successfully changed along with that and updated our arsenal with all the modern day technology for building maintenance and repairs. With us, you will have the latest, most advanced assistance in the process of the upkeep of your house.


High Quality Construction Management

We have high-end technology and cloud based systems to keep track of materials, labour, quality control checks, and safety measures for all projects. For two decades, our state-of-art construction solutions have delivered at every stage ensuing quality of service and efficiency of performance throughout.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Buildings are what make a city and create legendary skylines. They are the makers of a great nation and the markers of a great civilization. From the Big Ben of London to the Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro, great cities around the world can be identified in a second owing to their iconic architecture. Australia is no different.

 It would be more than safe to say that builders sow the seeds of the development of a city. They then nurture it with everyday hard work and labour.

From Western Australia to New South Wales, from Queensland to Tasmania – builders have transformed every bit of the country into a visual and infrastructural treat.

There is no project too big or too small for us to complete. Be it a home sweet home for a family of three or a commercial building for a dozen office spaces – we are up for anything that comes our way. We complete every project we undertake with utmost care and caution.

Get Free Consultation

We’ve Been Building For Over 20 years

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Client Testimonials

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Joan Bell


“Ibrahim Assoud is an extremely trustworthy name when it comes to building and construction in Australia. They helped me with large scale repairing and reconstruction on my villa and I also call upon them for regular maintenance and waterproofing issues of the house. Never been anything less than satisfied so far.”

Marcus Miller

“Elated with the professional approach and attention to every detail given by Ibrahim Assoud and his team. Paintjob on a building can be quite a hassle, but it was smooth and hassle-free with them throughout. Fully recommend if you want to pay reasonably, save time, and get an excellent job done.”

Luke Campbell

stellox 21   00014 de SX filtro de combustible

Contact Us

Level 12/810 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

stellox 21   00014 de SX filtro de combustible

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stellox 21   00014 de SX filtro de combustible
stellox 21 – 00014 de SX filtro de combustible: Coche y moto.